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Frequently Asked Questions

  What do I need to provide for a resume?

Depending on the type of resume, these are just a few of the items we will need to complete your resume:

  1. Job History (Resumes typically go back 10-15 years). Include company name, title, city and state and dates. Daily responsibilities.
  2. Numbers are very important on resumes especially if you’re in sales, marketing, or product manufacturing (i.e. increase in sales volume, increase in market share, territory size, decreased costs by percent, etc.).
  3. If you’re in a management position and supervise others, how many people have you supervised, did you handle the hiring, training, evaluations, and discipline decisions, what kind of management style do you have
  4. What computer skills do you have, What languages do you speak or write
  5. Achievements: Employee of the month, highest sales, public recognition, etc.
  6. Education/Training/Certifications
  7. Just stick to the facts: No hobbies, personal interests or personal information necessary for your resume unless of course they might pertain to the job you’re going for. For example: if you’re going to work in a surfboard shop and love to surf, that might work on a resume. We want to know what sets YOU apart from the other people applying for the same position.

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  How long does it take to get my resume?

Turnaround time on a resume is 1 to 3 days depending on the resume.

  Do you provide hard copies?

We are happy to include 10 copies (on quality cotton resume paper) in the price of the resume. Additional copies can be provided for a small printing fee.

  Can you email my resume directly to a company?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide this service as it would have our email address and not yours. It would be best to send it yourself so they can respond directly to you. We will happily email the final version to you so you can download it, save it and send it to prospective employers.

  Can you help me fill out on-line job applications ?

Due to the personal nature of the on-line application process we do not offer this service.

  Do you provide typing certifications?

No, at this time we only provide typing services, not certification.